Sunday, June 17, 2012


- Kapan, saat, ketika
Adverb, Pronoun, Conjunction


1. (Digunakan dalam kalimat Pertanyaan)
    When = At what time, on what occasion.
     eg. - When did you last see him?
           - When can I see you?
           - When (in what circumstances) would such a salution be possible?

2. Digunakan setelah kata expresi waktu yang berarti '' Yang mana''
    When = At which atau On which
    eg. - Sunday is the only day when I can relax
          - There are times when I wonder why I do this job.

3. When = At which time. On which occasion
    - Yang mana saat itu
    eg. - The last time I went to Scotland was in May, when the weather was beautiful.


1. When = What/which time
    - Kapan itu
    eg. - A: I've got a new job.
            B: Since when?


1. At the during the time that
    - Disaat, ketika
    eg. - I loved history when I was at school.

2. After
    - Setelah
    eg. - Call me when you've finished.

3. At any time that, whenever
   - Kapan saja, saat
    eg. - Can you spare five minutes when it's convinient?

4. Just after which
    - Baru ketika saja
    eg. - He had just drifted off to sleep when the phone rang.

5. Consedering that
    - Kalau
    eg. - How can they expect to learn anything when they never listen.

6. Although
   - Walaupun, meskipun
    eg. - She claimed to be 18 when I know she's only 16

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