Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adjectives and adverbs

He's a ______ worker. He never stops.
He's lazy. He ______ ever works.
She works ______ all day without stopping.
I live ______ to John. Only 5 minutes away.
You're driving too ______ to the car in front, Caroline. Slow down!
I've ______ finished my work.
I like driving ______ but it is dangerous.
I'm a ______ worker. I do everything quickly.
You are too slow. You need to work ______ .
Please do that ______ . It is very very urgent.
I cannot do it in the ______ future. I am very busy.
Mr Johnson will be with you ______ . Please take a seat.
There will be a ______ delay as the in-coming aircraft was late.
If I get any news, I'll let you know ______ .
Is there a ______ flight or will I have to change?
You can fly ______ but there is only one non-stop flight per day.
You go ______ along this road and it is on your left.
It's 10 o'clock. He's very ______ . Where can he be?
My plane arrived ______ . I'm sorry.
I haven't seen him ______ .

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